Cultural Alarm Clock – summing up of the seminars in Greater Poland

Seminaria Budzik KulturalnyWake up Culture Initiative

“Cultural Alarm Clock” (Budzik Kulturalny) is a program developed by the Marshal’s Office. The project aims to stimulate the culture of Greater Poland and to promote the region. Alarm should be heard outside major cultural centers, in places that are “culturally sleepy”. The program was designed for residents of Poznań, current and future participants of cultural events, employees of cultural institutions and artists. It should be a reminder of the importance of cultural heritage and a stimulator of the appetite for culture.

A vital part of “Cultural Alarm” is a series of seminars for employees of cultural institutions co-organized by the AMU Regional Observatory of Culture. The seminars take place in five cities – Poznań, Konin, Piła, Kalisz and Leszno. Discussed issues include: development strategies and cultural policy, psychological aspects of management, sponsorship, protection of intellectual property, cultural education and funding cultural projects.

Detailed schedule and information about speakers can be found HERE.