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Another newsletter NCK

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We encourage you to read the next issue of the Culture Observatory Research News prepared by the team of National Centre for Culture in Warsaw. As in the previous edition, the Regional Observatory of Culture co-operated with the research team on the report from the international studies.

Culture Congress in Jarocin, the June edition

Marcin w JarocinieOn Sunday, June 12th, in Jarocin there was held a seminar about festivals. It was a part of Jarocin Congress of Culture. During the first part of the meeting, some of the festival directors talked about their events: Jurek Owsiak – Woodstock, Michał Merczyński – Malta Festiwal, Piotr Kolaj – Ostróda Reggae Festiwal. During the second part, Marcin Poprawski PhD presented a part of the results of the research project „Cultural Policy for Local Community in Jarocin District: Festival – expectations of the audience – results of the research project Jarocin Festival 2014″ prepared by the AMU Culture Observatory.

Urban Cultural Projects: the meeting in Paris

ParyżDuring the conference in Paris organized by Cultural Policy Centre of the University of Chicago, Regional Observatory of Culture presented their research projects associated with urban cultural policies. The key words of the conference are presented on a graphic event summary:

AMU Culture Observatory in Helsinki

konferencja HelsinkiAt the conference Culture (s) in Sustainable Futures, held from 6th to 8th May in Helsinki, the AMU Culture Observatory presented the results of research on intergenerational transmission of values, sustainable development of local communities and small towns in Poland.

We encourage you to read the interesting paper by the hosts of the conference.

the Culture Observatory research news

newsletter NCKWe invite you to read the new version of the “Culture Observatory research news“, a newsletter prepared by the team for cultural statistics from the National Culture Centre in Warsaw, with a modest share of the AMU Cultural Observatory, in the area of foreign research reports.

We especially recommend:

John Holden’s new report “Ecology of culture” witch introduces the idea of “culture as an ecosystem” to the cultural policy, which is important for intersectoral cooperation.

Culture for Development Indicators” – 22 indicators for the area of “culture and development”, which is the fruit of actions taken by UNESCO. A set of reports complements the information on the most interesting Polish and English-speaking new publications.

The study of the cultural sector of Jarocin city and the surrounding area

Polityka kulturalna dla społeczności lokalnych powiatu jarocińskiego - raport badawczy - okładkaIn 2014 within the project the Culture Congress of Jarocin, a research team from the AMU Culture Observatory completed a study on the current status and development of culture in Jarocin city and the surrounding area. The initiative, taken by representatives of various circles under the guidance of the Association Jarocin XXI has opened the substantive debate on the subject.

Cultural Alarm Clock – summing up of the seminars in Greater Poland

Seminaria Budzik KulturalnyWake up Culture Initiative

“Cultural Alarm Clock” (Budzik Kulturalny) is a program developed by the Marshal’s Office. The project aims to stimulate the culture of Greater Poland and to promote the region. Alarm should be heard outside major cultural centers, in places that are “culturally sleepy”. The program was designed for residents of Poznań, current and future participants of cultural events, employees of cultural institutions and artists. It should be a reminder of the importance of cultural heritage and a stimulator of the appetite for culture.

Practices and Methods of Cultural Education

On 7 and 8 November in Culture Centre Zamek takes place nationwide conference dedicated to practices and methods of cultural education. It is co-organized by the AMU Institute of Cultural Studies and Institute of Sociology. The aim of the conference is to share and develop good practices and methods of cultural education among educators and academics. During the conference Marcin Poprawski PhD and Michał Mękarski will be discussing the work on the research project on the competences of local cultural education leaders.

Rethinking Education on Arts & Cultural Management

This year, European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centers (ENCATC) is organizing 21st Annual Conference. It takes place in Antwerp, Belgium from 5-7 November. It is dedicated to cultural education and cultural management. During the conference, Marcin Poprawski PhD will be discussing the current work of AMU ROC’s nationwide research project “Competences of Local Cultural Education Leaders. Study of Methods, Media and Circumstances of Cultural Impact on People from Polish Cities”.