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prof. Jacek SójkaProf. Jacek Sójka – director of the AMU Institute of Culture, Head of the Business Ethics Department, program director of MBA postgraduate studies Managing Higher Education Institution, member of the Committee on Cultural Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He conducts the researches on ethical dimensions of business, cultural impact on business and practical issues related to management of cultural institutions. He is the author of numerous publications, such as The Concept of Ernst Cassirer’s Symbolic Forms (PWN, Warsaw 1988), Between Philosophy and Sociology. The Social Ontology of Alfred Schütz (Cultural Institute, Warsaw 1991), Business Ethics. From Classic American Thought (ed. – along with L.V. Ryan, W Drodze, Poznań 1997), Business Ethics After Enron (Poznań 2005, ed.), University Phenomenon (Poznań 2008, co-editor), Cultural Institutions during Times of Crisis (Poznań 2009, co-editor). Professor Jacek Sójka was the organizer and co-organizer of many national and international conferences. He is the chief editor of publishing series Cultural Studies, editor of Methodological Studies, member of the editorial board of Praxeology, Contemporary Culture and Business Ethics. A European Review. He is also the board member (and the treasurer) of European Business Ethics Network (EBEN) and president of that association’s Polish branch. He was on research internships at the Yale University, University of Cambridge and Harvard Business School. He was granted a life membership of Clare Hall, Cambridge. dr Marcin Poprawski

Marcin Poprawski, PhD – Assistant Professor in the Institute of Cultural Studies at the Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznan (PL), co-founder and coordinator of ROK AMU Culture Observatory research center; since 2006 a lecturer at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt Oder (D); PhD in humanities, musicologist, manager of cultural institutions and projects; member of research teams and international networks, mastermind of professional trainings and research tools for public and civic cultural sector; expert of the Association of Polish Cities. His research interests include cultural policies and entrepreneurship, culture-led city development, aesthetics in management, organizational cultures in cultural & creative sector, intercultural management, cultural branding and music aesthetics. He improved his professional skills during internship in the Centre for Cultural Policy Studies, University of Warwick (UK) and within the project “Teaching Cultural Policies” held at Central European University in Budapest (H). Marcin Poprawski is the author and editor of series of publications in the research fields of cultural polices, management studies and aesthetics, he is also co-founder and CEO of The Guitar Academy Festival – an international music event located in over 20 towns of Western Poland. since 2014 a Vice-president of ENCATC European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centers. dr Kieliszewski

Przemysław Kieliszewski, PhD – lawyer, Doctor of Humanities, Assistant Professor at AMU Institute of Cultural Studies, associate at Regional Observatory of Culture, manager of national and international cultural projects. He represented non-governmental organizations in the jury for Cultural Affairs under the President of the City of Poznan. He co-organized research for Marshall Office of the Wielkopolska Region (2006-2007), Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Adam Mickiewicz Institute (2008). He has written a dissertation on Cultural Policy towards Development of Civil Society in Poland and many other reports and publications associated with that matter. Coordinator of conference Cultural Institutions during Times of Crisis (Poznań, 2009). Leader of the Council of Poznań Metropolitan Area’s team for culture (2010), co-author of the Strategic Program for Development of Culture of the Wielkopolska Region, research and reports on Cultural Potentials and Deficits of District Towns (2010). Coordinator of an innovative training program Cultural Institutions in 21st Century, carried out with ESF in Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, founder and longtime director of the festival Polish Guitar Academy. Since January 2013, director of the Musical Theatre in Poznań. Mr Mękarski

Michał Mękarski – sociologist (AMU, major in market and public opinion research), doctoral student at AMU Institute of Cultural Studies, associate and project manager in AMU Regional Observatory of Culture, coach of trainings Cultural Institutions in 21st Century and Cultural Alarm. Co-author of the Strategy of Cultural Development of Wielkopolska Region in 2012-2020. He led cycle of trainings The Library of Ideas 2012 (WBPiCK Poznań) and conducted public consultations on the strategic document for culture in the region. He implemented research project on Strategy of Cultural Development for City of Słupsk in 2012-2020 and studies for Strategy of Cultural Development for City of Gorzów Wielkopolski. He also conducted seminars on Methods of Social Research at AMU and lectures on the Fundamental Contemporary Discourses and Sociology at The State School of Higher Professional Education in Konin. Co-author of many articles in scientific publications. He has participated in research projects, including Cultural Potentials and Deficits of District Towns (financed by National Centre for Culture (NCK)), Why Do Seniors Need Culture? Research on Cultural Activity of Elderly (Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (MKiDN)). In 2013, he coordinated a national research project on Competences of Local Leaders of Cultural Education. Study of Methods, Media and Conditions of Cultural Impact on Citizens of Polish Cities (MKiDN) and Back to the Source. The Research on Expectations and Attitudes towards Cultural Heritage of the Origins of Christianity (NCK). He specializes in statistical analysis and preparing tools for quantitative and qualitative research.

Piotr FirychPiotr Firych –  media and communication specialist, doctoral student at AMU Institute of Cultural Studies, master of international programme in social communication and Latin American studies at Aalborg University in Denmark. He also has a bachelor’s degree in journalism, obtained at the University of Łódź. He worked for Polish Tourism Organization in Madrid. He has a journalistic experience and also took part in many cultural projects. As a promotion and media manager, he is a co-creator of festival Polish Guitar Academy. He is a part of AMU Cultural Observatory since September 2013. Privately: mountain lover, fan of Spanish language and jazz music.

Alicja Gojlik – cultural expert, doctoral student at AMU Institute of Cultural Studies, graduate of Human Resources and Work Management at University of Economics, an employee of AMU Regional Observatory of Culture. She worked on research project Why Do Seniors Need Culture? Research on Cultural Activity of Elderly. She also conducted a research Potential of Cultural Centers in Poland based on example of Cultural Centre in Trzebiatów. She took part in research projects, such as Culture as a factor in development of Kępno – Introduction to the Cultural Development Strategy for Local Community, What Kind of Culture Do High School Graduates from Gorzow Wielkopolski Want. Potentials and Deficits of the City from the High School Graduates Point of View” as well as focus groups for the realization of cultural development strategy for Gorzów Wielkopolski and Strategy of Cultural Development for City of Słupsk in 2012-2020. Her research interest include: cultural institutions, cultural policy, cultural management.

Magdalena Brodniewicz – Master in Spanish Philology, translator. She is a part of Regional Observatory of Culture since 2011. She works on research projects and ensures proper functioning of the office. She is interested in language culture and also in small theatrical forms.